The world naturally has rare and unique waters to offer and Waters Of The World provides them to hotels, restaurants, epicureans and gourmands the world over.

“Luxury has to do with how it makes you feel – the experience. It is a question of a state of mind.” – Ian Schrager

As purveyors of fine waters from around the world, we feel our best surrounded by nature – the presence of natural waters that only nature can produce will improve our mood and lift our spirits, making for a memorable experience.

Waters Of The World complements the epicurean table with distinctive placing at the best hotels and restaurants around the world.

From the icebergs of Newfoundland to the springs of Catalonia, Spain, Waters Of The World provides your guests with memorable experiences that will be indelible for life. From Hoteliers to Restauranteurs, Waters Of The World is happy to provide you with the finest waters on this planet.

Complements your menu and increases revenue.

Elevates dishes and makes every table special.

Unique, curated waters designed to create a memorable experience for your guests.

Positive Moods

Did you know supplying your restaurant or hotel with artificial waters is a missed opportunity for a memorable experience?

Aspects of a naturally fine glass bottled water can elevate the fine dining and table experience. Facets of fine waters, like the glass bottle design, the colors and the unique tastes of each water create an inviting and more welcoming environment.

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We invite you to experience Waters Of The World. The waters we provide will be an excellent addition to any dining menu or in-room offering. Currently serving Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix for in-person tastings. Virtual tastings available worldwide.

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